Stainless Steel Milk Cans

Cleanest way to transport your milk

When dealing with a perishable product like milk, it becomes vital to collect it in a way that preserves the life of the milk without losing out on the nutritional value of the product. It becomes imperative to ensure that the materials used to contain the milk are made in a way that won’t contaminate it as well as preserve nutritional value. At Krishna Allied Industries, we have made stainless steel milk cans from food grade stainless steel which has a higher strength: weight ratio than any other normally used material.

It has great tensile strength, yield point, ductility and hardness. A large part of the manufacturing process also went towards ensuring longer operational durability with a lower maintenance cost. The surface was designed with a 150 grit sanitary finish giving each of the milk cans a polished surface for easy and hygienic cleaning.
The stainless steel milk can used also keeps the milk cooler for a longer time. The stainless steel used has lower thermal conductivity than aluminum which is why a Krishna Allied Industries stainless steel milk can is the right choice for containing milk between or during dairy processes.

The milk cans for sale come in a number of different sizes to hold different volumes of milk. In addition to having milk cans for sale, there are also milking pails, milk measures and more. This wide range of stainless steel containers, measures and other miscellaneous items is available for dairy producers to pick exactly what they need to improve the hygiene and appearance of a dairy plant.

All these stainless steel products are also resistant against corrosion, mechanical deformation and abrasion. This had to be there in our products because when they are passing through can washer and conveyor systems, they should not take any damage or cause any parts of the product to break off because that could cause problems for the can washer and could also contaminate another part of the dairy process without anyone being the wiser. For more informational on our stainless steel products from Krishna Allied Industries look at the brochure for a full list of features and technical specifications.



Stainless Steel Milk Cans

  1. Stainless Steel Sampler
  2. Stainless Steel Lactometer Jar
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1. Strong & sturdy body

It uses food grade AISI 304 (18/8) stainless steel which has higher strength-weight ratio than any other normally used material. Our range of products has great tensile strength, yield point, ductility and hardness than any other material. Special manufacturing techniques ensure longer operational durability in all respects and provide longer life with lower maintenance cost.

2.Easy cleaning

Its smooth, 150 grit sanitary finish, polished surface enables easy and hygienic cleaning.

3.Preserves milk quality

Krishna Allied Industries products keep milk cooler for longer duration thus preserving milk quality. This is due to the fact that stainless steel has lower thermal conductivity than aluminum.

4. Corrosion resistant

Our product's resistance to mechanical deformation, abrasion and corrosion, makes it the ideal product to be used without any worries in the tough dairy environment. It doesn't require any protective coating an our products are corrosion resistant for life.

5. Crack resistant

Specially processed such that products are highly crack resistant.

a)Specially designed

Easy to handle, milk cans easily pass through can washer and conveyor.

b)Cost effective

In spite of offering a world of advantages, our milk cansare surprisingly very cost effective. Download Brochure
Particulars Base Diameter (mm) Height with Lid (mm) Height without Lid (mm) Weight (Kgs)
20 Liters Can 281 470 450 5.20
25 Liters Can 281 545 525 5.59
30 Liters Can 346 510 486 6.50
40 Liters Can 346 615 596 8.30
50 Liters Can 346 730 705 9.00
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Parameters Sumo Stainless Steel Can Aluminium Can
Tensile Strength (Mg. / 50mm) 2490.50 1152.00
Thermal Conductivity (Time taken to have a temp. gain of 3 deg. of the canned content) 57 Min 43 Min
Brimful Capacity (Liters) 42 43
Rain Test (Volume of water sprayed: 100-/20 Ltrs/m2/hr for 30 min. Observation done for amount of water seepage found inside the can) 0 ml. 10 ml.
 Handle Pull Test (At 150 Kg. load applied for 5 min. No damage No damage
Drop Test (Drop height of 1.25 Mtrs. Only one drop) Slight denting to base ring. No other damage. Slight denting
Source: Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai.
Comparative SS and Alu Cans
Parameter Stainless Steel Can Aluminium Can
Average Colony Count of Washed Can (per Ltr capacity) Range 175 to 338 Average:287 Average: 960
Visual Observation Apparent clean ability was superior Showed white patches on inner surface
New Can Weight 8.2 Kg 6.5 Kg
Old Can Weight (5 Year) 8.2 Kg 5 Kg
Inside Surface No Anodizing Required Regular Anodizing recommended
Hygiene No foul smell after cleaning Some residual smell after cleaning
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