Stainless Steel Milk Cans complying Global Food norms

Stainless Steel Milk Cans complying Global Food norms

Stainless Steel Milk Can Ensure Safety and Hygiene for Milk Storage and Transportation

Milk is a food item that is perishable and gets spoil quickly. Therefore, it makes sense to collect, store, and transport this in the safest manner possible. Quite often, making use of utensils that are inappropriate for dairy could result in leaching of chemicals or minerals or loss in the nutritional value of milk. Hence, it becomes all the more essential to make use of containers that are non-reactive and inert while maintaining the freshness of the product.

Krishna Allied Industries were the pioneers to introduce the Stainless Steel Milk Cans in India more than 2 decades back. These milk cans are made from food-grade quality stainless steel (SS304) and have a higher strength to weight ratio for greater durability. All the milk cans have high tensile strength, ductility, hardness, and yield point.

Following are some of the advantages of making use of stainless steel items while dealing in dairy:

  • Due to the thin film of Chromium, stainless steel offers bacteriological, organoleptic, and chemical neutrality while storing any food product
  • Stainless steel utensils and equipment are easier to clean, and thus, the hygiene can be maintained. Further, the appearance of stainless steel products is cleaner and more appealing
  • It offers high operational and usage durability with a greater degree of resistance to aging, rusting, or corrosion
  • Low thermal conductivity of stainless steel ensures that the contents remain in a cooler environment even if the exteriors are hot
  • The mechanical properties of steel make it resistant to deformation, abrasion, and also corrosion
  • Owing to the reasons mentioned above, stainless steel is easier to maintain and use

Thus, it can be seen that stainless steel milk cans are perfect for collecting, handling, storing, and transporting milk. Stainless steel milk cans are non-reactive towards the contents and also preserve the nutritional value of the dairy items.

Krishna Allied Industries ensures that each milk can meet the defined quality control standards and our customer’s expectations. They are not only robust but also structurally sound. Our milk cans can stand even high-level impact when passing through washers or on conveyor systems. Thus, they are ready for rugged use of the milk can without worrying about breakage. The exterior surface of the milk cans is polished for a clean appearance.

These milk cans are available in varying sizes and holding capacities and can store different volumes to meet your requirement. We also offer Insulated Milk Cans and Lockable Lids as specific inquiries.

In addition to the milk cans, we supply a wide variety of Milk Cooling Tanks, Milking Machines, Milking Parlors, etc.


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