Solar Powered Milk Cooling Tank

Renewable energy, milk cooling through Solar

When it comes to renewable energy, nothing can beat the sun. It has an expected lifespan of another 5 billion years. Yet, the sun and its solar power remain underutilized in many parts of India and most parts of the world. Too much electricity comes from sources that pollute the earth with harmful byproducts. Every day, there are scientists working on increasing the amount of power that solar panels trap from the sun and battery technology is also advancing by leaps and bounds to creates sources of power that are green and require a one-time investment and some occasional maintenance in the future as opposed to paying a company steadily month-on-month for the electricity provided to you.

One of the biggest obstacles to regularly using solar power to run appliances and equipment is the weather. In a tropical country where the sky is filled with rain and clouds, it becomes difficult to fully harness the sun for all the things that need electricity. This is why the design of our milk vat solar powered milk cooler is designed to use the sun’s energy as well as take electricity from the grid. Both power sources actually charge a batter which powers the cooling of the milk in the solar bulk milk cooler.

The milk vat solar powered milk cooler uses a multi-point power tracking module that does the job of effectively cooling milk down without losing power on this open vertical type of solar bulk cooler. The battery backup is 6 hours. It comes with under and over voltage protection. It’s even designed to be protected from lightning. The LED display on this piece of equipment also gives you a visual indication of any faults going wrong with the machine or the process. If anything does go wrong, the whole system is equipped with an emergency stop switch that should prevent any faults produced while the machine is one.

Still, solar power is a great choice for those who want a greener planet with renewable energy that gives no waste by-products. Look at the brochure for more details about the features and technical specifications of a solar bulk milk cooler.

Solar-Powered-Milk-Cooling-Tank-2 Solar-Powered-Milk-Cooling-Tank-1

  1. Unit runs on storage power backup system which is charged by both Solar Energy and Grid Power
  2. Capable of giving power for 6 hrs (3 hrs in morning and 3 hrs in evening)
  3. Batteries used are flooded cell lead acid type tubular which lasts up to 8 years
  4. Charging system equipped with Multi Point Power Tracking Module (MPPT) for optimum use of solar power, priority of switching to power source is as follows:
    • a) Power output is 3 phase soft start pure sine wave having an efficiency of over 75%
    • b) Available in for both single and three phase power sources
    • c) Refrigeration panel is micro controlled using solid state switching module
    • d) Internal circuitry designed on microcontroller based digital logic system
    • e) System equipped with smart heater that prepares hot water for CIP without consuming any power
  5. Controller equipped with separate backup battery, to perform the following in absence of any power (a) Display the temperature of milk, (b) Display the compressor run time, (c) Intermittent agitation for 8 hours
  6. Charging Time: (a) Switches to solar PV if available, (b) Switches to grid power is solar not available
  7. Discharging Time: (a) Switches to solar PV if Solar is available, (b) Switches to battery if solar is not available, (c) Switches to grid if solar and battery both not available
  8. Additional system protection using (a) Internal diode clamping for each channel through micro controller, (b) Opto coupler with triac drive for AC0DC line separation, (c)Emergency stop with a single switch
  9. Recharge time only 7 hrs
  10. PV cells arranged in a static grid
  11. Internal circuitry power only 5V DC @ 250mA

System Inclusions

  1. Milk Cooling Tank
  2. Condensing Unit
  3. SS Milk Pump
  4. Solar PV Panels
  5. Multi Point Power Tracking Module (MPPT) based Inverter
  6. SS 304 Pipe & Fittings
  7. Battery Bank
  8. Electrical & Control Panels
  9. Smart Level Heater
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  1. Saving the cost of DG set
  2. Saving the cost of voltage stabilizer
  3. Saving in chilling cost
  4. Saving maintenance cost
  5. Saving in diesel / fuel cost
  6. Auto stabilization towards grid fluctuation
  7. Built in smart water heater
  8. Zero emission
  9. Clean environment
  10. Government subsidy
  11. Interest subsidy
  12. Tax saving
  13. Income through carbon credits
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  1. Dimension Milk Tank : Diameter 1425 mm x Height 1400 mm Condensing Unit : 850 mm x 750 mm x 750 mm PV Panel Area : 5 m x 5 m
  2. Battery Type : Tubular Lead Acid Quantity : 12 Nos. Capacity : 13.8 V per Battery Max Ampere Hours : 220 AH
  3. Solar PV System Type : Poly / Mono Crystalline Quantity : 18 Nos. System Capacity : 8 KVA
  4. Cooling Tank Capacity : 1000 Ltrs Shape : Open Vertical Type Condensing Unit : 1 x 3.0 HP Specs : ISO 5708 Class 2A II
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