Smart Level Indicator

Smart Sensing, Smart Reporting

When dealing with equipment in the dairy sector, a lot of business happens because of the measurements of the products and the accuracy of these measurements is what sustains relations because no one wants to lose out.

In recent times, we’ve seen the need for transparency in more walks of life being made possible with technology. As technology in our day-to-day life in the cities so also does the need trickle down to the rural areas where even small adjustments to existing technology can do wonders to business. One of the most easily recognizable fonts in the world is the numerical digit displays found on calculators and petrol pumps. You will find this easily decipherable font on a tank level indicator.

For all milk measuring purposes, we have smart tank level indicators on our machines that uses a bright 4 digit display. The tank level indicator is capable of measuring up to 9999 liter or 99.9°C. On the tank level indicators you will find it provides all the relevant milk data that any dairy producer would use like BMC ID, milk volume and milk temperature. The smart level indicators are also capable of 2 way SMS communication over a GSM band.

There’s also an auto alert for milk chilling and even an alert for when 80% of capacity has been reached. These tanks will work for any type of milk. It doesn’t matter whether it’s set up in the same facility as a goat milking parlor or a cow milking parlor, the error margin on volume will still be +/- 3 liters and the error margin for temperature is 0.2°C.

When there are features like this, it makes the job of the dairy producer easier and also helps in transparency. This special technology is a patent of India and was developed in IIT, Kharagpur. It was also designed to leave a small footprint on the tank. For more info on the smart level indicators, have a look at the brochure for the full list of features and technical specifications.

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Key Features:

  1. Bright 4 digit display (Red/Green/Amber) of 3/4 inch (up to 9999 liter or 99.9 deg C)
  2. Provides all milk data like (i) Milk Cooling Tank's ID, (ii) Milk volume and (iii) Milk temperature
  3. 2 way SMS communication over GSM
  4. Auto alert for milk chilling and for reaching 80% of capacity
  5. Small foot print on tank
  6. Hygienic non-contact volume display
  7. SMS can be sent multiple numbers
  8. Smart sensing even during agitation
  9. Max error for volume +/- 3 liters
  10. Max error in temperature +/- 0.2 deg C
  11. One time hassle free chart feeding procedure
  12. One year replacement warrantee
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Technical Specifications:

    1. Patented technology from IIT, Kharagpur
    2. Power Source: 230 V AC, 25 Watt
    3. The ultrasonic transceiver system is designed for rugged use
    4. It transmits 120 db narrow beam (+/- 9 deg) signal at 40 khz
    5. Reception sensitivity level is 51 db/V/uBar, ranging from 20 mm to 2000 mm transceiver to transceiver operation
    6. These properties of the sensor ensure perfect echoing from a wet surface like milk. The signal is then conditioned through different low pass filters and Fast Fourier transforms to detect exact level of the milk in the tank eliminating foam and other environmental factors
    7. The total system is enveloped in an AISI 304 housing (conforming IP 65 standard) to ensure working over the years
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