Robotic Milk Collection Unit (RMCU)

Robotic Milk Collection Unit (RMCU)

RMCU is a state-of-the-art solution to milk collection problems faced by the milk society by integrating technology to the benefit of the farmer, society as well as the dairy in measurable ways. The robotics is built on advanced technology with integration of inputs saving process time and human intervention.

RMCU measures the milk volume and the fat content of the milk poured in by the individual farmers who are allotted their individual RFIDs for the machine to identify them. The input requires source of milk whether from

cow or buffalo. The milk is poured and tested for positives and rejected milk not matching the requisite standards is rejected out in a separate outlet followed by a CIP thus not mixing it with the main milk can.

The details of the pouring including quantity and price are informed as a token as well as on SMS to the farmer. The salient feature is that the CIP is automatically triggered at requisite intervals.

Specifications being considered:

Parameter Measuring range Accuracy
Fat .01% to 25 + 0.1
SNE 3% to 15 + 0.15
Density 1000 to 1160 kg/m +0.3 kg/m
Protein 2% to 7 + 0.15
Lactose 0.01% to 6% 0.20%
Added water 0% to 70% + 3.0%
Sample temperature 0.04°c to 0.7°C +1°
CFreezing point 5°c to 40°C + 0.005°c

Benefitting Dairies

  • Complete database of farmers and society.
  • Top quality milk collection.
  • Cloud-based data are available for the Dairy personnel.
  • Notices and information can be flashed on the RMCU.
  • Live data collected can help better milk collection routes

The benefit of additional milk deposition which is saved as a result of saving sample milk per pouring.