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Easy milking

Increasing productivity and efficiency in the dairy industry means creating new ways to keep the animals comfortable together when they need to be milked. Animals that give milk for domestic consumption tend to be fairly docile herd animals. These are animals that will feel more comfortable once they see more of themselves in the same location performing the same activity. They believe that this is expected of them as a group and not as individuals. Though each animal may be milked individually, simply keeping them together makes the process much more comfortable for the animals. This, in turn, makes the job of the dairy producers much easier for the people who have to monitor the animal activity.

So when cows need to be milked, open air areas can’t be utilized. Instead, it is done in an enclosed space to protect the humans and animals from any natural contaminants like rain and insects. The cows are traditionally put into cowsheds when they get milked.

Modern dairy producers use milking parlors to get the maximum yield from their herd. These milking parlors have different set ups and shapes to accommodate the animals and the lay of the land. Most layouts tend to be customized for optimum efficicency. The simplest method is to set up the milking parlor in parallel lines where the straight lines give the most organized look for the milking parlor.

When looking at milk parlors for sale, the size and shape of the dairy is the first thing that has to be looked at when planning for a design. The tandem parlor, the herringbone parlor and the rotary parlor are among the other design layouts on milking parlors for sale. The Krishna Allied Industry milking parlors are high in performance and durability with very low maintenance required to keep it running. It has followed a design to suit Indian conditions. Stainless steel milk lines, milk pre-holders and milk transfer pumps are used in all designs for improved milk quality. The most important feature of our milking parlors is that they are ideal for an expanding herd.

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Milking Parlour 1

  1. High performance, durable and reliable design
  2. Very low maintenance require
  3. High cow flow efficiency
  4. Customized design facility
  5. Ideal for expanding herd
  6. Ease of cleaning
  7. Sturdy Indian design
  8. Optimized farm productivity

Auto Wash System

  1. All pipes which milk touch clean property
  2. Always same quantity water consumption
  3. Optimum disinfection dosage
  4. Rinsing water may reheat again
  5. Pre-rinse out by adjustable time
  6. Easy programming reduces faults
  7. Computer adaptable


  1. High cow comfort
  2. Cows completely free
  3. Easy installation
  4. Adjustable
  5. Flexible
  6. Positive influence on milk production

Cattle Lock System

  1. Protect udder heal
  2. Grouped feeding possibility
  3. Secure and comfort feeding possibility
  4. Balanced alimentation possibility
  5. Usage facility with practical on off rod
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Schematic Diagram for Different Types of Milking Parlor

  1. Milking parlors has been constructed Herringbone or Tandem according to milking position
  2. May produce from 2x3 to 2x12
  3. Designed secure and comfortable milking process for milker
  4. Stainless steel milk lines, milk pre-holders and milk transfer pumps for improved milk quality
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