Milking Machine

Modernized milking technique

Krishna Allied Industries offers Milking Machines that are extensively demanded by various dairy farms across the world. The products are provided with single milking machine & double bucket milking machines. Small and medium dairy farms can avail these machines in different patterns and specifications to cater to the varied needs of dairy industry. These milking machines help in assimilation of milk more effectively.

  1. Easy for the dairyman - milking 8-10 cows per hour
  2. Pleasant to the animal-simulate call sucking
  3. Consistent milking practice - Uniform Milking
  4. Ensures hygiene and udder health
  5. Economical
  6. Ideal for small farmers and small / medium dairy firms
  7. Help to produce better milk quality
  8. Increased productivity through better manpower management
  9. Available in fixed type and mobile / trolley type
  10. Non polluting i.e. eco-friendly solution
  11. Available in single, double, check four and eight buckets
  12. Works either on electricity, ampoule inverter based or petro-kero engine
  13. Available with bucket and cluster variations
  14. Available in belt driven / coupled type milking machine

Milking Machine

Key Features

  • Easy to Install, Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Sturdy Indian Design
  • User Friendly Design
  • Economical
  • Available in Mobile Type and Fixed Type
  • Energy Efficient
  • High Hygiene Standard
  • Key Features

  • Uninterrupted operation of the milking machine results in undisturbed milking productivity.
  • Nearly no operating cost.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Non polluting i.e. eco-friendly solution.
  • User friendly – unskilled labor can operate (no in-between operation is required).
  • Clean input power supply ensures maximum life of the motor as well as vacuum pump.
  • Versatile use of the inverter other than milking machine application like running chaff cutter, water pump or domestic light is possible within limit.