Milk Cooling Tank

Setting the world standard in milk cooling.

When dealing with a perishable product like milk, it becomes vital to collect it in a way that preserves the life of the milk without losing out on the nutritional value of the product. It also becomes imperative to ensure that the equipment used to cool the milk are made in a way that won’t contaminate it as well as preserve nutritional value.

Milk from cows comes with a lot of bacteria in it and though some of it is good bacteria, sale a lot of it can be very harmful to the human body and might contain environmental pathogens that are transferred from cow feed to the milk. In order to ensure that any harmful bacterium is eliminated from milk, it is put through a process called pasteurization. Pasteurization is the process by which liquids are heated to kill most of the bacteria that causes them to spoil. The goal is not to kill all the micro-organisms present in the liquids as they are still micro-organisms that are good for you. Milk needs to be pasteurized to keep it from spoiling. After milk has been heated, it needs to be cooled down to begin the process of preserving the milk for use later on. Once the milk is cooled down to the right temperature, it can be suitably stored in other containers to be transported where it is required. To get the milk cooler, dairy farmers us a milk cooling tank to get down to the right temperature. Some farmers won’t use a milk cooling tank and instead rely on their own milk cooling system.

Krishna Allied Industries has a few options for bulk milk cooling tanks where they can be either manual or with automization. There are different milk tanks available to fit the volume requirements of small, medium and large dairy producers. The tanks designs come in an open type vertical, horizontal and closed cylindrical type to be comfortable with space constraints that dairy producers might have to deal with. Our milk cooling systems have a few features that were incorporated with the ease of the dairy producer in mind. We know that we feel more comfortable about any milk producer if they are dedicated to keeping their milk coolers clean. The milk cooling tanks available come with smooth inner services to make it easy to clean. The legs of the tanks are adjustable so that even uneven surfaces will still offer an even weight distribution. The dip sticks used in a Krishna Allied Industries milk cooler is computer calibrated with an accuracy of 0.1%. Manholes and stainless steel ladders are provided for closed type tanks to ensure safe access during inspection.

There are more features to our milk cooling tanks which are mentioned in our product brochure. Look at the brochure for a full list of features with illustrations to explain how Krishna Allied Industries milk cooling tanks work.

 Solar-Powered-Milk-Cooling-Tank-2Containerized Milk Collection System

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Milk Tank
  1. Available in open type vertical, horizontal and closed cylindrical type
  2. Material of construction AISI 304 grade stainless steel
  3. Robust design
  4. Split and switchable evaporator bottoms ensures faster cooling and low energy costs
  5. Optimum tank design with flatter bottom for early cooling even at 5% rated capacity
  6. Smooth inner surface for ease of cleaning
  7. Adjustable legs ensures even weight distribution even on uneven surfaces
  8. Bottom drain to ensure complete drain
  9. Evaporator plate tested at 65 bar
  10. Environment friendly injected CFC free PUF of 50 mm
  11. Computerized calibrated dip stick with accuracy of 0.1%
  12. Manhole of 450 mm for closed tanks to ensure access during inspection of the tank
  13. Stainless steel ladder for closed type tanks allowing safe access to manhole
  14. CIP spray ball for closed type tanks
  1. Available with both reciprocating and scroll compressors
  2. Designed considering ambient temp of 50 deg C
  3. Performance as per ISO 5708 class 2A II
  4. No freezing of milk even at low filing
  1. Available in both single and three phase
  2. Control panel body of AISI 304 stainless steel as per IP 65 design
  3. Power panel body of AISI 304 stainless steel as per IP 65 design
  4. Temperature display with an accuracy of 0.1 deg C with built in self-battery
  5. Auto error display for ease of fault finding
  6. Programmed agitation cycle to ensure uniform of cooling
  7. Protection against under / over voltage, current and frequency
  8. Single phase prevention
  9. Use of new technology of solid state relay (SSR) in place of traditional contactors
Optional Features
  1. Solar Powered Milk Cooling Tank
  2. Containerized Milk Collection System
  3. Smart Level Indicator with SMS Facility
  4. Smart Level Heater
  5. Auto CIP