iData (Bulk Milk Storage)

iData – Automated data monitoring system for bulk milk storage units

It is a sensor based state-of-the-art supervisory control system which will help the user to monitor milk volume, temperature and various operating parameters of a milk storage tank or all tanks of a dairy collectively for a particular collection route or all routes in near real time. It can be easily installed on any milk storage unit (of any brand, make). The sensors are installed on the output valve and different power tapping, while the display panel can be installed on the tank or nearby as per the user’s convenience, connected through a cable set. The unit is primarily powered by grid power and has inbuilt battery to support data transmission on power cuts.

Data Dashboard for Users

User can access collective information in a dashboard format as depicted below with any internet enabled mobile device or computer. Data can be viewed or edited as per access control privileges.

  • Detailed information for multiple dairies can be accessed through the below panel. The user need to select the specific BMC location from the menu provided. Periodic graphs, logs of different activities completed or any other past data can be viewed or downloaded from the dashboard
  • Data backup for 30 days can be extracted directly from the display unit whenever required
  • User level access, views can be customized as needed
  • Log for all critical alerts is also available for the users
  • Users can view & download graphs for past data, comparative analysis for the factors monitored is also available for the users.



  • Digital volume & temperature display near BMC unit.
  • Power & DG Set usage report .
  • CIP details.
  • Alerts through SMS and/or E-mail for any change in ideal condition set by admin.
  • Milk volume, temperature & unload time, volume and temperature report
  • Admin level calibration & access control.
  • Data retention up to 30 days and data download through USB drive.
  • Tracking multiple bulk milk cooling centres simultaneously
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