Cow Grooming Brush a feeling of comfort for your Cattle

Cow Grooming Brush a feeling of comfort for your Cattle

The Cow Grooming Brush- a Comfortable Alternative for Itchy Cows

Why Is Cow Grooming Important?

A cow grooming brush is a novel idea to meet the grooming needs of your cattle. Cow grooming is an important aspect of health and hygiene. Grooming your cows regularly not only keeps their coats clean and shiny but also gets rid of germs and parasites. It helps them to de-stress and bond better with other cows in the herd.


Cattle farms are investing in a fully automated cow grooming brush. The equipment comes fitted with a soft bristle brush placed on a roller that rotates on medium speed. The brush rotates with the help of a high-quality motor with adequate torque. It is highly flexible and can be tilted as per the cow’s needs.
The cow grooming brush is sturdily constructed, which makes it impossible to break. It is noise-free and can rotate in all directions. The brush is made of soft nylon that is delicate on the cow’s skin. It is ergonomic and easy to store.

Cows Enjoy It

The soft bristles of the brush make it an attractive feature. It allows the cow to scratch itself in places which it otherwise cannot reach. On an average, cows spend 8 to 10 minutes using the brush on their necks and backs. Researchers opine that the cow grooming brush is essential for their well being

An experiment conducted on cows reveals that cows having access to regular brushing are more motivated to pull heavyweights. For the cow, this is tantamount to having an at-home spa treatment.


The Cow Brush Boosts Enrichment

It is important to add substance to an animal’s social and physical environment. Cows thrive when they are allowed to express their normal behavior. Regularcow grooming takes care of their emotional needs and is also associated with less abnormal and destructive behavior inside cow barns. Highly stressed cows produce lesser milk and are lethargic. They are also prone to increased calving intervals.


The cow grooming brush reduces deadly diseases, like mastitis, which make farmers cull their cows. Cows that regularly use brushes show a 30% decline in the disease. The grooming brush also keeps the cow cool in hot summer months by removing unwanted debris which crusts on their back. This crust prevents a cooling system from cooling the cow’s skin.


Like any investment, cow grooming brushes may also have potential drawbacks. These are primarily associated with the ease of using mechanized brushes which are quite cumbersome and large. Another drawback would be that they come with a hefty price tag.


To overcome such drawbacks, Krishna Allied Industries launched Cow Grooming Brushes are competitive pricing that would allow every farmer to deploy these brushes at their farms. The range of these brushes starts from INR 50,000/- and are less cumbersome and smaller in size.


It is worth gaining an insight into cattle behavior and doing your bit to make their lives comfortable. Investing in tools and eq equipment like the cow grooming brush improves their quality of life. It is not only prudent but also makes business sense.


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