Advanced Milking via Milk Meters (AI based proactive indicators for Milking Parlor)

Advanced Milking via Milk Meters (AI based proactive indicators for Milking Parlor)

Effective Monitoring and Measuring of Milk Production through Milk Meters

Modern dairy farms are making use of technological advancements to increase their productivity and efficiency. The introduction of technology in the dairy industry started with milking parlors. It was milking parlors that established the idea of implementing consistent and proper milking techniques to enhance the safety, comfort, and safety of the milking personnel and the cows. Multiple cows could be milked simultaneously, which significantly improves the productivity of your dairy farm.

With the concurrent milking of multiple cows at the same time, it became imperative to measure milk production. Gathering such information helps in estimating the production capacity of the entire farm while also calculating the yield per cow. This is where milk meters were introduced in milking parlors.

Milk meters are equipped with sensors that help in evaluating the milk produced per cow and across the entire unit. They can either work as a standalone tool or may be integrated with a larger herd and dairy management systems.

The AI-based milk meters manufactured by Krishna Allied Industries are capable of measuring the milk production through flow sensors and yield indicators. Since these devices are present externally, they do not pose any blockages to the milk flow.

Additionally, they do not hamper the milking rate. These milk meters can be easily installed on the milk lines and do not require any dismantling as you can wash them in place along with other equipment.

A milk meter gives you an accurate idea regarding the optimum milk production and the profitability associated with it. Furthermore, a smart milk meter can help you assess the quality of the milk and the health of the cow due to its integrated milk sampler.

Since common dairy personnel may not be capable of understanding the data collected through the sensors, AI machines can make appropriate decisions on their behalf.

Alerts can be triggered when the milk meters register a significant drop in the production of milk by a certain cow. This is possible due to the presence of historical data on the average yield of the cow.

Accordingly, the dairy farmer can then inspect the cow to identify the problem. Therefore, you are not only maintaining the productivity of your dairy farm but also ensuring the health of your herd.

In this way, AI-based milk meters are ushering in the era of technology in the dairy industry.


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