Accessories of BMC (Data Logger, CIP System, HRU)

Accessories of BMC (Data Logger, CIP System, HRU)

Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC), the Modern Outlook to Preserving Milk in Best Format

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‘Health is Wealth,’ and what better way to start your day than with a glass full of delicious, unadulterated wholesome milk. However, with the growing amount of pollution and impurities in the environment, it has become mandatory to ensure complete care while processing and handling dairy products. Milk, being a perishable item, is highly susceptible to going bad, and thus, it is important to maintain the nutritional value of this valuable commodity right from the time of its extraction, transportation, purification and to final consumption. 


To combat the risks of mishandling and adulteration involved in handling dairy products, bulk milk coolers (BMC) have been proven to be a boon to the dairy industry. They play a significant role in maintaining the quality and nutritional value of milk till the milk is ready for further processing or packaging. It is a dairy equipment that enables proper cooling and storage of milk in healthy, bacteria-free, and hygienic vessels and tanks to attain zero spoilage or degradation in the quality of milk or its nutritional value.

 Accessories of BMC 

In order to ensure a full-proof bulk milk cooling system, there are certain basic accessories which are mandatory to be installed at the milk collection units or at a dairy. A few of them have been listed here. 

  1. Data Loggers: Data Loggers is a sensor based state-of-the-art supervisory control system that helps a user to monitor:
    • Milk Volume
    • Milk Temperature
    • Agitation Status
    • CIP Status
    • Auxiliary Power Status
    • Milk Unloading Parameters

The sensors are installed on the output valve and different power tapping while the display can be installed on the tank or nearby as per user’s convenience. 

User can also access collective information in a dashboard format with any internet enabled device such as mobile, iPad or a computer.  Access control privileges can be assigned based on client’s requirement. 


  1. CIP System: Milk is a highly sensitive and degradable commodity. A CIP system (Cleaning-in-Place system) is an integrated automatic cleaning process designed to maintain hygiene and cleaning without minimal human intervention. It refers to complete cleaning of the tank and the pipelines of Bulk Milk Cooler without dismantling the unit by jetting or spraying on the inner surfaces. 


Indicators for various phases of cleaning including pre-rinse, primary and post-rinse; dosing with predetermined consumption of chemicals, flushing, water and temperature status, error status makes the system friendly and easy to operate.


  1. HRU: With growing risks of global warming, we need to minimise wastage of energy, and this is exactly what an HRU does. A HRU saves the additional energy required to heat the water required to clean the milk cooling tanks every time they are used for the milk chilling. HRU is connected in-line with the compressor. This, in turn, increases the energy efficiency of the refrigeration system.

Final Take

BMC accessories make work simpler, easier, more technical, and organized for the dairy industry. It ensures that your milk quality is not jeopardized at any cost while storing raw milk for everyday processing. Krishna Allied Industries Private Limited is a leading manufacturers and exporters of dairy equipments and collection accessories in India. They are known for excellent R&D on launching products apt for Dairy Industry since past two decades.


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