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  • Homepage: Krishna Dairy Equipment is a leader in the manufacturing sector of product such as Advanced Milk Tanker security system, milk cooling tank, milking machine and many more.
  • About us: Get more information about us, our story and our founders. Click here to find out more.
  • Our Story: Krishna Allied Industries was found in 1996, we first started our business with the idea of replacing Aluminum milk cans with Stainless Steel Milk Cans. Later we started manufacturing bulb bars and Kitchen Appliances & Equipment’s.
  • Vision & Mission: We aim at being India’s leading solution providers by innovating solutions for Dairy Farmer, Milk Societies, Milk Union & Dairy Plants by providing cost effective, reliable and quality products. And by building trust and connect the 70 million Dairy Farmers with the Dairies using digital technology.
  • Leadership: We are in safe hands with our efficient and visionary leaders, Mr. Ashwin N Shah, Mr. Ankur A Shah, Mr. Sandeep Kadam, Mr. Vasant Modak, Mr. Suvendu Banerjee at Krishna Dairy Equipments.
  • Achievements: Winner of the Defence Technology Absorption Award in 2013 Krishna Dairy Equipment is constantly innovating and growing. To know more, click here!
  • Social Responsibility: Krishna Dairy Equipment continues to empowering society by educating people about pollution free environment, and also encourages people about plantation & saving and preserving energy. To know more, click here!
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  • Events: Krishna Dairy Equipments participates in various events, conferences and forums.
  • Products: A brief description of various products we manufacture and provide to the dairy industry.
  • Advanced Milk Tanker Security System: Krishna Dairy Equipments advanced milk tanker security system prevents any sort off theft & adulteration and helps track the container while in transit.
  • Milk Cooling Tank: Krishna Dairy Equipments cooling tank makes sure that the temperature of milk is under control and helps it to have a longer shelf life.
  • Milking Machine: Krishna Dairy Equipments provide Milking Machines that are extensively used by various dairy farms across the world.
  • Milking Parlor: Domesticated animals are much relaxed when they are milked in a safe and familiar environment. Krishna Dairy Equipments have a well-designed Milking Parlor for the same purpose.
  • Smart Level Indicator: Krishna Dairy Equipments smart level indicator is ideal for establishing a standard metric system in ones operations.
  • Solar Power Milk Cooling Tank: This offering of Krishna Dairy Equipments aims to make the world a greener place by utilising solar energy and thus saving energy in the bargain.
  • Stainless Steel Milk Cans:  At Krishna Allied Industries, we have made stainless steel milk cans from food grade stainless steel which has a higher strength: weight ratio, this helps preserve the nutritional value of the collected milk and does not let it get contaminated.
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  • Careers: Find out about interesting career opportunities At Krishna Allied Industries.
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