Milk processing equipment at dairy farms

Milk processing equipment at dairy farms

A dairy farm plays a significant role in socio-economic development of a country. Apart from generating employment at a large scale, they also provide highly nutritious food to people. Undoubtedly, excellent qualities of dairy products are being made at a dairy unit and milk unit. Milk as produced on a farm is transformed into vast arrays of dairy products like cheese, curd, butter and other milk products. As milk is a perishable product, it has to undergo some processes per se which also boosts the production.

Storage equipment for milk

  • Milk is the raw material that needs to be processed so certain hygienic precautions are to be taken for doing the same. The milking machine and milk storage equipment should be maintained properly, needs to be air tight in order to avoid any contact from harmful bacteria.
  • These storage units have to maintain a certain level of temperature for preserving the milk for longer time.

Pasteurization Milk Plants

  • Pasteurization is a procedure for safeguarding milk from the bacteria.
  • This process involves heating the milk to a certain temperature, holding at that for a fixed period of time sufficient to ensure the destruction of bacteria present, after which it is cooled. It is also used for improving the milk’s quality.

Milk Tanks or tankers

  • Milk storage and cooling are a huge part of the dairy farms daily routine.
  • Milk tanks with its in-built freezers play a significant role in cooling, storing and for transportation purposes.

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