Considerations for setting up a new milking parlour : Part 1

Considerations for setting up a new milking parlour : Part 1

It takes immense consideration and getting the suitable milking parlour for you, your cows and your herd in order to expand your milking herd. If you have decided to upgrade your parlour by either expanding it or maintaining similar numbers, it involves much reflection while making an investment.

Number of Cows

How many cows are you milking now and how many you look forward to milk ten years down the line? As of now, you may be content with a 16 unit parlour and don’t need a 20-24 unit parlour.

However, it is advisable to ensure that lack of infrastructure should not be a problem to facilitate changes in the future as a part of expansion. To ensure the same, consider including vacuum reserve and milk pump for larger numbers. It is also suggested to save some space so that more units can be accommodated.

In today’s date, Herringbone parlours still manage to be the most popular. Apparently, more the herd sizes, more time and labour cost will be involved. Farmers are now keen on finding a solution to make the process of milking more efficient and profitable. Thus, the farmers who are planning to milk more than 200 cows find rotary parlour a suitable option.

Dairymaster Swiftflo Revolver is the world’s most advanced rotary parlour system. It is viable for herds ranging from 200 to 5000 cows. The parlour has a number of unique features that immensely benefit the farmers. AutoID system helps in identifying and monitoring cows individually. There are a few services which can be utilised which take care of the process without human involvement including the ‘Cow Motivator’ which encourage cows to leave the platform, ‘Automatic Parking’ for the washing of the plant and ‘Cow retention’, a platform which ensures the cows stay on the platform for longer.

Space Management

Space Management is essential, be it for setting up a new parlour or renovating an old one. Farmers intend to increase the number of cows from 80 to 120 in a ten unit parlour but it will only increase the milking time. Farmers now realise that they can improvise their existing parlour by adding more units of space. But they need to be aware of the fact that they may have to invest in an improved vacuum resource, milk pump, new piping and a large plate cooler for doing the same.

An alternative option would be to ‘double up’ a milk line which is installed on each side of the parlour and there is a cluster for each cow space. In order to increase the efficiency, Dairymaster Automatic Cluster Removers are used with this system which accurately and consistently monitors the flow of milk while milking. When the process of milking is finished, vacuum is removed and the cluster is detached from the cow.

The Dairymaster design team ensures that the farmer gets the best possible layout. On the other hand, the highly experienced technical staff will go out of their way to assist them in parlour designing. They will do the same by using their expertise for providing their extensive advice and assistance.

Time Management

According to research, the time spent milking in different parlour types can differ. For instance, Rotary parlour takes 25 hours per cow annually whereas other parlours take up to 36 hours per cow annually.

A lot of time can be saved by using a rapid exit parlour which will help cows file out faster and in large numbers as compared to the existing parlour. The Dairymaster Swiftflo Fast Exit Parlour ensures that the process gets smoother.  As soon as the cows are milked, the feed troughs and the bailing move up and all the cows can swiftly exit together. The Dairymaster Swiftflo Fast Exit Parlour differentiates itself from other FastExit systems by enabling the cows to be fed while they are in the parlour. Further time is saved as Dairymaster milking machines are designed to milk each cow up to one minute faster.


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